Monday, 30 July 2007

Max & Blackie

You're sure of a friendly greeting at Barkland from these two (can you guess which is which?). Max is the ace finder of rare birds (notably Collared Flycatcher) but is slowing down now at the ripe old age of 14, although he still finds every Water Rail in the garden. Blackie hasn't quite grasped the whole bird finding thing, he just runs everywhere (a bull in a china shop springs to mind).

Redpoll Gallery

Arctic Redpoll (hornemanni), Barkland, October 2006 (left)

Arctic Redpoll (exilipes), Barkland, October 2005

Common Redpolls, Barkland, February 2007
Over 100 trapped during an unprecented early spring arrival

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Spring 2007 Gallery

Iceland Gull, Barkland, January 2007
a daily visitor to the croft, remaining until early summer

Quail, Barkland, 1st May 2007

Little Bunting, Barkland, 30th April 2007
found whilst feeding the sheep

Grasshopper Warbler, Lower Stoneybrek, 1st May 2007
a very confiding individual

Surf Scoter, North Haven, 21st May 2007
the first record for the island

Turtle Dove, Barkland, 21st May 2007
a scarce visitor to the island

Rustic Bunting, Auld Haa, 3rd June 2007

Subalpine Warbler, Schoolton, 23rd May 2006

Red-backed Shrikes, Midway and Utra, earlyJune 2006
The unfortunate victim is a Meadow Pipit

Icterine Warbler, Barkland, 5th June 2007
one of six on the island on this date

Pechora Pipit Gallery

3 images of a Pechora Pipit at Schoolton, 23rd September 2006

Olive-backed Pipit Gallery

4 images of an Olive-backed Pipit at Quoy, 22nd October 2006

Lanceolated Warbler Gallery

Lanceolated Warbler, Pund, 15th September 2006
3 images of the Fair Isle special

Images from 2006

Wood Warbler, Shirva, 11th August 2006

Greenish Warbler, Setter, 19th August 2006

Bluethroat, Barkland, 11th May 2006

Hawfinch, Barkland, 6th April 2006

Common Crossbill, Barkland, 5th May 2006

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Lesser Grey Shrike

This female Lesser Grey Shrike has summered on the island, being present since 27th May. It now spends most of its time in the garden, using the roof of the heligoland trap as a vantage point. The 20th record for the island, the last being in June 2003. These images were taken from the dining room window.