Saturday, 28 January 2012

Another gull day in Aberdeenshire

Chris and I managed 25 'white-wingers' today.

At least 15 Iceland Gulls and 4 Glaucous Gulls were at Peterhead today, with most birds around the harbour. These 15 were counted during a single spot count so it is almost certainly a considerable underestimate as I'm sure there must have been other Icelands around other parts of Peterhead at that time... . Both the adult and sub-adult Kumlien's were seen today also (it is possible they are included witin the count of 15). Harry joined us for a photo session in the afternoon - which is almost a rare as Kumlien's here :-). At Fraserburgh, the third-winter Kumlien's was still present, with three Iceland and 2 Glaucs there also

Below. First-winter Kittiwake, Peterhead. When 'Kitts' start appearing in numbers in the harbour, it gives you a little hope for something smaller and rarer with a diamond shaped tail. It's happended several times before, but not this year (yet)
As well as the birds, the Grey Seals are a big attraction for visitors in the harbours. Here, one of the fish factory workers provides lunch for the Peterheads residents.

First-winter Iceland Gull, Peterhead. Not many first-winters have been reported.

Second-winter Iceland Gull, Peterhead. The most common age group in this influx.

Below. Second-winter Glaucous Gull, Peterhead. This bird can often be found feeding on washed up carcases on the shoreline in Peterhead harbour. Today in was feasting on a dead seal - last weekend it was a Pink-footed Goose.

First-winter Glaucous Gull, Fraserburgh. This rather dark individual can often be found raiding fish bins in it's adopted home of the Kinnaird Head factory, Fraserburgh. It's been around for several weeks.

Below.Third-winter Kumlien's Gull, Fraserburgh (5 images). This individual has been around for over 3 weeks.

Adult Iceland Gull, Peterhead (4 images below)

Newfoundland Kumlien's Gulls - some images of adults

An assortment of images of adult Kumlien's from St Johns - spot the Thayers look-a-like in picture 8 - but who would dare claim one in the world capital of kumlieni!