Friday, 27 January 2012

NF 2007 - experiences with an Ivory Gull

Whilst looking through my Kumlien's Gull images from NF in 2007, I came across these photos of the Ivory Gull that had taken up residence in the town of St. Johns, were we were staying. It became something of a local celebrity, with locals feeding it moose sausages and seal meat. My experiences with this bird were special - one of these once in a lifetime moments. Great to look back on and rememeber - I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do... What a bird!

Newfoundland Kumlien's Gulls - an assortment of second-winters

Here's a few second-winter birds from St. Johns - this is probably my favourite age group - there's always something 'going on' and so variable and contrasting with their plumage at this age. Some of these should stand out like a sore thumb over here, but others are on the border line.. I'll leave you to decide which ones!

Newfoundland Kumlien's Gulls - an assortment of first-winters

As it's topical at the moment, here's an assortment of first-winter Kumlien's Gull from St. Johns, Newfoundland from a trip there in February 2007. Some of these birds would be identifiable over here, some not. How many would you stick your neck out and claim from this selection of 11birds...? three for me (at a push four!) and would you dare to claim a vagrant glaucoides in Newfoundland!