Sunday, 1 April 2012

Birding around Aberdeen - 31st March 2012

Spent the day out with Chris - a bit of gulling, a visit to Stratheg and the Ythan. Some nice birds seen...

First stop Peterhead, were there were still plenty of white-winged gulls around. We tallied 2 Glaucs and ten Iceland Gulls.  This first-winter was very obliging. We think this bird has been around all winter.
This second-winter Glauc has been around all winter too, now looking very white as it moults into second-summer plumage.

Popped into Strathbeg, were the Greater Yellowlegs was visible from Starnafin.  This is probably the best views we have had since finding it several weeks ago.  Thease are my first attempts as 'digi-scoping' - holding my camera to the scope eyepiece and taking a picture, hand held. Will be good enough for the rarities committee!

Finished off the day on the Ythan, were the newly arrived King Eider was showing off his finery at the mouth of the estuary.  Even the seal couldn't resist admiring him.