Sunday, 29 July 2007

Spring 2007 Gallery

Iceland Gull, Barkland, January 2007
a daily visitor to the croft, remaining until early summer

Quail, Barkland, 1st May 2007

Little Bunting, Barkland, 30th April 2007
found whilst feeding the sheep

Grasshopper Warbler, Lower Stoneybrek, 1st May 2007
a very confiding individual

Surf Scoter, North Haven, 21st May 2007
the first record for the island

Turtle Dove, Barkland, 21st May 2007
a scarce visitor to the island

Rustic Bunting, Auld Haa, 3rd June 2007

Subalpine Warbler, Schoolton, 23rd May 2006

Red-backed Shrikes, Midway and Utra, earlyJune 2006
The unfortunate victim is a Meadow Pipit

Icterine Warbler, Barkland, 5th June 2007
one of six on the island on this date

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